2018 Leadza Year in Review

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2018 Leadza Year in Review
With lots of feedback, thoughts, ideas, and support from you, today, we are happy to share our results for the whole 2018 year. We want to take a moment to thank everyone for whatever part you may play in our story.

Here are just a few things we've accomplished over the past year:

  • Grew our number of customers by over 100%
  • Customers located all over the world from Denmark, Poland, Israel,
    the United States, and Russia
  • Upgraded our Algorithms and released new optimization features
  • Participated in meetups in San Francisco, Warsaw, and Moscow
  • Connected a Stripe's payment processing platform
  • Became a part of Facebook's F8 developer conference
  • Invented Rock 'n' Roll Pitch in Redwood, CA
  • Graduated from YC Startup School
  • Completed a redesign to make our product easier
  • Completed a Seed-Extention Financing round
  • Got an Award as the most innovative IT company of the year in Russia
  • Became GDPR compliant

Grew our number of customers by over 100%
CINEMOOD digital marketing team use Leadza
We have come a long way and are very glad that we met so much desire to test and analyze the product from Facebook marketers. We are proud that our customers:

Upgraded ML Algorithms
ML: powered the next wave of SaaS solutions
We developed a system based on machine learning algorithms which can suggest many different combinations of ad campaigns' settings to achieve better performance. The system analyzes your previous statistics, makes a prediction for the next day and recommends how to change the settings of the campaign. There might be 7 types of suggestions depending on the ad budget and your marketing goals:

  • optimize your marketing budget
  • test manual bids and get more out of your ad spend
  • find age/gender combinations that convert better
  • find placements that convert better
  • find interests that convert better
  • scale campaigns by testing new targeting options suggested by the system
  • run automated post-engagement campaign
So you can adjust your marketing tactics to achieve better results by implementing suggested optimization tips, and knowing how the recommended action will affect the campaign performance. Unlike the rule-based optimization approach, our system can predict better combinations of actions to maximize the overall campaign performance.

Participated in meetups in San Francisco, Warsaw, and Moscow

Participated in meetups in San Francisco, Warsaw, and Moscow
We are happy to have good friends and colleagues from all over the world. We participated in meetups in San Fransisco hosted by Adroll and Slack and are happy to be a part of SF chatbot and AI communities. In Poland, on Google Warsaw Campus people talked about Leadza as a great example of a B2B product with a chat interface. In Moscow, we presented our technology at the Mail.ru Group event (the largest internet business, leading Russian social networks and instant messaging services company) with lots of positive feedback from industry leaders.

Connected a Stripe's payment processing platform
Leadza plans
Leadza plans
We started to accept card payments on our website through the Stripe's payment processing platform. Now you as a customer can choose and connect a pricing plan that better fits your marketing budgets. It's super simple to connect a TRIAL and hire an INTERN - a virtual assistant who will send you daily optimizations tips after you will choose any campaign up to $300 ad spend and try all the amazing features that we have.

Became a part of Facebook's F8 developer conference
image Leadza became a part of Facebook's F8 developer conference
F8 is one of the most important conferences of the year for the social media world. In April Facebook has announced a ton of huge updates for its suite of products including Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Messenger, Oculus, and more. We were happy to become a part of it and personally meet with David Markus (VP of Messenger), to congratulate the Messenger team reaching 1.3 billion people who use Messenger each month. To date, there are over 300K active bots on Messenger, and over 8 billion messages are exchanged between people and businesses each month. Facebook Messenger is the main platform that we use in Leadza and we are excited to grow together.

Invented Rock 'n' Roll Pitch in Redwood, CA
Invented Rock 'n' Roll Pitch in Redwood, CA
Global Pitch is a unique pitch session introducing some of Russia's brightest entrepreneurs and new technology startups to the Silicon Valley VC community. On June 14, Fort Ross Ventures, IIDF and GSV Labs hosted 25 of the most promising technology ventures from Russia, showcasing their business ideas. We were happy to present Leadza to US investor community with our 3-min pitch, where one minute was devoted to Rock 'n' Roll and two minutes - to show the product and our growth plans.

Graduated from YC Startup School
Graduated from YC Startup School
During this 10 week program, there were around two hours of weekly videos containing guest lectures from entrepreneurs from some of the most successful startups. Our founder track had 3,000 companies from many countries. This was split into several groups. Each group got the pleasure to work with a YC alumni mentor — someone who had founded a YC startup before. Our group had office hours on a weekly basis. Each company spent 5–10 minutes asking for advice on our hardest problems. We were happy to share the weekly-sprint template with our group and show younger startups our best practices in testing sales hypothesis.

Completed a redesign to make our product easier
image web platform update
We have been looking for a solution to address the challenges and finally created a platform that can be customized for any marketing goal. Now we have even more resources and flexibility to better serve the needs of small and medium advertisers. The new platform is a response to market trends and the needs of advertisers who manage campaigns by themselves and want to learn advertising techniques while saving time on routine operations. It enables to delegate tasks of creating and optimization ad campaigns to a well trained virtual assistant without any loss of quality. Depending on the advertising budget, industry and tasks, the system selects the suitable virtual assistant that'll optimize and automate your marketing by providing daily advice and suggestions.

Completed $300K Seed-Extension Round
Leadza team
We raised $300K Seed-Extension Round from Russian Internet Initiatives Development Fund (IIDF) and Ilya Lagutin, founder of Aitarget. As we continue our growth to become a world-class company in the digital advertising space, it's simply a great opportunity to drive sales and marketing of a new product on the US market. We plan to hire new employees and build an affiliate program with opinion leaders.

Got an Award as the most innovative IT company of the year in Russia
Leadza got an Award as the most innovative IT company of the year in Russia
This is the first time we took part in any Russian innovation award event being invited by the award committee one week before the application deadline.


  • Samsung Electronics Rus Company - category "INDUSTRIAL DESIGN AND CREATIVE INDUSTRY"
  • Leadza.ai - category "IT AND DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES"

Became GDPR compliant
Leadza became GDPR compliant
At Leadza, we've always maintained a high standard when it comes to our users' rights to data privacy and protection. GDPR goes into effect across the EU on 25 May 2018. We have multiple GDPR-centric enhancements that provide a streamlined mechanism, from data collection to processing activities, to handling data subject rights. We updated the documentation - Cookie Policy, Privacy Policy and Terms of Use and tried to provide as much information on the website to clarify all the processes and to enable our customers easily authorize through Facebook, connect their ad accounts and erase all the data when canceling the subscription to Leadza software.

2018 was amazing, but we will make 2019 even better!