Leadza completes $300K Seed-Extension Round

image Leadza team
We are happy to announce that Leadza (a web-platform providing advertisers with customizable optimizations and hiring a virtual assistant to manage and optimize Facebook&Instagram campaigns) raised $300K Seed-Extension Round from Russian Internet Initiatives Development Fund (IIDF) and Ilya Lagutin, founder of Aitarget.

As we continue our growth to become a world-class company in the digital advertising space, it's simply a great opportunity to drive sales and marketing of a new product on the US market. We plan to hire new employees and build an affiliate program with opinion leaders.
About IIDF

According to Dow Jones, the most active early-stage venture fund in Russia and Europe. $100M under management. Since 2013 IIDF has closed more than 370 deals ranging from $20k to $5.5M.
About Aitarget

Aitarget is an AI-powered SwaS (Software WITH a Service) that helps advertisers automate routine operations, scale FB&IG campaigns. The focus of the company is to make profitable omnichannel marketing for business.