3 Winning Strategies To Scale Your Facebook Ads & Make Tons Of Money

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image 3 Winning Strategies To Scale Your Facebook Ads & Make Tons Of Money
So you create a group of awesome Facebook ad campaigns. You drive them with everything you've got. But you're not getting returns on your investment (ROI). So you go more aggressive - with new campaigns. Costs skyrocket. Returns & profit plummet.

Now you're thinking Facebook just isn't for you. Maybe another platform…

But maybe you didn't have the right strategy for winning on Facebook. That's why we've put together three winning strategies on scaling your Facebook ads - so you can finally realize those returns and start raking in the profits.
Strategy 1 - Systematically Increase Your Budget
image - Strategy 1 - Systematically Increase Your Budget
Don't dump a bunch of money into a brand new campaign. Logically, you'd expect more visibility and, therefore, more returns. But that simply isn't the case.

Doing this can often destabilize the algorithm that optimizes your ads. This doesn't mean you can't scale your ads. You just have to take it slow and be careful. Scaling takes time and patience. But eventually, you'll get the big returns you've heard so much about.
How Do I Manage My Budgets?

Controlling your budgets manually takes time, patience, great analytical skills, etc. If you're brand new to Facebook advertising, you're likely to make a few errors before finding the right pacing and strategies to ensure positive ROI's on your campaigns.

But the below checklist gives you a rough idea of the process. Here's what you need to do when managing budgets manually:

Make sure that your ads spend their daily budget
If they aren't, it'd be impossible for you to scale them. If your ad spend is less than 80% of your daily budget, you have a problem with the delivery of your ads. You can try changing your campaign objective, double check that your targeting makes sense or rethink your value proposition. Without sufficient ad delivery you can't make proper returns - so be sure to keep this in check.
Check the relevance score of your ads inside your ad sets
The relevance score of your ads is based on user feedback. If your ads don't have at least 7 RC, it means your audience isn't valuing your ads. In this case, revise your audience or your value proposition. Do some testing to get that relevance score back up to ensure effective delivery of your ads.
Keep testing your ads against one another and scale accordingly
Keep an eye on your ads' cost per action (CPA). Firstly, your ads will be in the "learning" phase until they have at least 50 conversions - or 3 conversions per day. Once your ads have reached this stage, they should be evaluated on their CPA - the lower the better. And those with the lowest CPA should be scaled while the others are held back - or even killed off.
Don't increase your budget by more than 20% at a time.
You can't scale ads without increasing budgets. But doing so by more than 20% can throw off that algorithm (as mentioned in point 1). You've got 2 options here:

  • Decrease your budget in poor performers and allocate that budget to the winners.
  • Leave the budget as is on poor performers (especially viable if they're still in the "learning" phase) and steadily scale your winners.
Be systematic.
Repeat steps 1-4 every 24-48 hours. Keep an eye on your ads, ensure good delivery, scale the winners and you'll see awesome returns in no time.
Automate Scaling Budgets with the Right Tools

When you've got the right tools, you can automate scaling your budget. So you don't have to put in the hours every second day. One tool that stands out in this department is Leadza - who use advanced AI to help you manage your Facebook campaigns with ease.
Predictive Budget Allocation

Leadza's Predictive Budget Allocation feature can get you more conversions with decreased cost per conversion. All while scaling your winners steadily and consistently.

Here's a video that shows you how this works:

Leadza predicts to what level you can increase your budget to maintain the good performance of a particular ad set. It also drops budgets for low performers at the same time to save money. If your budget allocation is off, Leadza will automatically suggest a new, optimized setup for you.

Leadza is smart about it's strategy though. It knows that you shouldn't cut off lower performers until they're out of their "learning" phase. So it could allocate higher budgets to higher CPA ads until they're out of the learning phase - while reducing the lower performers (to free up budget spend).

Unlike other budget allocation tools, Leadza gives you the opportunity to optimize budgets not only on campaign but ad account level as well. And it also allows you to automatically scale your campaigns by steadily growing your marketing budget.
Features In Comparison

Here's a quick comparison of features between competitors:
image Features In Comparison
image Features In Comparison
Leadza is the only platform that gives you 1-click implementation. And therefore, it's our choice when it comes to automatic scaling.

You can find them here.
Strategy 2 - Extend your Reach with Lookalike Audiences
image Strategy 2 - Extend your Reach with Lookalike Audiences
Once your ad sets have been running for a while (and tangible results are available), it's time to extend your reach. By promoting your best performing ads to new audiences, you can maximize your returns on Facebook ads.
How to test new Lookalike audiences

As we recommend in Strategy 1 (Systematically increase your budget) start with the following steps:
Check the relevance score of your individual ads.
Be sure that your ads have at least 7 RC otherwise reconsider your targeting or value proposition.
Compare your ad sets according to their cost per action and go with the winners.
Each ad set you have chosen as a good performer should have at least 50 lifetime conversions - depending on your optimization goal - and at least 3 conversions per day. (Not 100% necessary, but recommended)
Choose the best ads from your best performing ad sets.
Make sure you pick only the winners - don't bother targeting new audiences with low performers. In our experience this is a waste of time and money.
Create a new 'Lookalike audience' for the best performing ad.
Go to 'Audiences' and click on 'Create a new audience'. In the pop up window, set a % of the audience you would like to target with the new audience. You can then click on 'Show advanced options' and create more audiences for different % thresholds.
If you haven't done it yet, you need to create your own custom audience first in the Facebook ad manager. Custom audiences are pre-built groups of people who know who you are, have provided their emails, checked your products, and visited your site within the last 30-60 days. A few days after that you'll be able to create LAL audiences based on your own Custom Audiences.
Save the audience(s) and apply them to your best performing ad set.
Don't change the budget yet; let the ad run as is for a couple of days.
image interface lookalike audiences
image interface lookalike audiences
Remember that very small audiences can get exhausted quickly, which eliminates their ability to scale.

As a general rule of thumb, you're recommended to create your lookalikes from "top of the funnel" custom audiences. So prioritize events like purchases over "add to cards", leads over clicks, etc.

For the best possible LAL, make sure you have at least 3000 people inside your custom audience using your Facebook pixel. And pay attention to % thresholds. Start with 1%, then 3%-1%, 5%-3%-1%, etc.

If you want to stay at the top, you need to keep expanding. But be aware of 'ad fatigue'. Ad fatigue means, simply, that the more you spend on your campaign and extend your reach among current audiences, the more the frequency of your ads keeps growing. As a general rule, if your frequency goes above 3, your CPA starts rising dramatically, and you need to replace your campaign (or change the creative elements of your ad).
How to Automate Scaling with Lookalike audiences

The painful fact is that there are many unstructured and messy lookalike campaigns which perform terribly. And that when they had the potential to be the best performing campaigns in the account. If you've tried lookalike campaigns and they didn't produce the results you wanted, don't give up just yet…

Again, Leadza is a very viable tool in this department. The Lookalike Scaling feature lets you easily prioritize which lookalikes are worth putting money into first. It also lets you run automated audience Tests by applying 1-click suggestions from your AI virtual assistant. So you can scale campaigns without any manual work — just choose the best suggestions and Leadza will automatically implement them.

Leadza analyzes all the audiences in your Ad Account, prioritizes lower funnel traffic and suggests which lookalike audiences you should be testing first. The best place to start for a successful lookalike campaign is with the people who have already converted (submitted a lead form, made a purchase, etc.). Depending on your marketing budget the system may suggest where your next best area of qualified traffic is - to test along with your "converter" audience.These can also be considered first-priority lookalikes.

Leadza breaks down your audience sources by campaign and your ad-sets by audience size. As the result the system automatically runs a test with the combination of your best ads/placements and new targeting options. This allows for more granular analysis and lets Facebook optimize more efficiently.

When your Test is live the system identifies which ad sets are performing well and increases the budget, but only if the frequency indicates that there's more reach available. Several days after the campaign is launched, the system identifies segments of your lookalike campaigns that you can test with new ads. This to improve performance while Leadza suggests more optimization tips.

Simply put, Leadza allows you to scale campaigns and widen your reach more effectively.
Strategy 3 - Extend your Reach with Interest-Based Targeting
image Strategy 3 - Extend your Reach with Interest-Based Targeting
image Strategy 3 - Extend your Reach with Interest-Based Targeting
Another way to widen your reach is by finding new interests that your core audience has - and include those in your targeting options. Finding the right interests is crucial for a successful campaign.

The only problem? Looking for those interests can eat up a lot of your valuable time. And once your campaign is running, it's not easy to find what interests are genuinely worth targeting.
How to Scale with new Interest-Based Targeting

In most niches, advertisers target the exact same interest groups. They might try to find untapped interests, but often end up failing. It's because the Facebook Ad Manager and Audience Insights tool shows a limited number of interests to target. Usually 20 or 30 per keyword, tops. Many authorities tell you to split test interests to keep ad costs down.

The Split Testing process look the following:
You need manually to find relevant interests to target - it could be 20,30,50 or even 100 interests
You need to divide them into groups - several interests per each group
The run a Facebook Split Test to test how each group performs
Yet another issue is that every adset also needs to have it's own minimum daily budget. Even if you budget only $5 per ad set, you'd spend $250 per day to test just 50 interests. As you probably know, you need to run tests for several days to get accurate results. That adds up to a LOT of money just on testing. This means many marketers skip testing altogether, or don't get any real benefits from it.
How to Automate Scaling Interests

Leadza has another feature that helps in this department. Ads Keyword & Interest suggestions. With it, you can get more out of your marketing budget by testing interests that convert.
Would you like to scale a campaign on Facebook by testing new ad sets targeted to 50+ previously undiscovered interests - and finding the top keywords that convert? Leadza not only makes this possible, but easy.

The system uncovers new interests that are almost impossible to find manually. By:

  • Searching for popular fan pages that a lot of people are talking about - so the name of the page will enter the Facebook interest database through Leadza.
  • Grabbing pages liked by the specific fan page and widening the reach even more.
  • Finding interests suggested by Facebook based on your top keywords.
To identify interests that convert Leadza suggests duplication of the best performing ad set according to the campaign average cost per action - and runs a test with a new ad set targeted to 50+ uncovered interests.

After running a test the system checks which interests within your ad set gets more conversions, on average, than other keywords.

To start getting keyword suggestions your ads should have at least 7 days of statistics and use interest-based targeting. The system shows which of those 50+ interests are most promising and gives you a better cost per action. And if an interest is not converting, you'll know immediately.

Finally, to get more bang for your marketing buck, Leadza suggests narrowing down your Facebook target audience to include keywords which get more conversions on average.

So you'll have a new winning ad set in your ad campaign. And it'll be scaled with budget increase suggestions to get your the best returns you can get.
It's the Right Time to Scale

Now that you've got effective strategies to make your Facebook strategy a winning one, it's all up to you.

You've got all you need to get started right away. But building a successful campaign is hard work. It takes a lot of determination and a huge time commitment. That is, unless you use a tool like Leadza. That can make your life in Facebook advertising so much easier. If you don't have the budget but you've got the time, give it a crack yourself.

But the most attractive thing about Leadza is that price tag. At just $59 a month, you can hardly afford to do Facebook advertising without it. If you go the other route - hiring a Facebook specialist that performs the same tasks, that could easily set you back up to $5000 a month. And it's not necessary at all.

You can get your own AI Facebook specialist for just $59 a month here.