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Build on your organic reach and get 30% to 70% better overall results with your content by automatically promoting most popular posts and targeting them on new prospecting audiences suggested by Leadza.
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Auto-boost your best Page content
Are you looking for your best posts to promote as a marketer or a business owner from your Facebook/Instagram Page? Tired to make it manually? Not sure about the results and the quality of the audience you target? Sure, if you have enough knowledge of Facebook ads you can promote each Post choosing the targeting options, budgets and running it through your Business Page. But what if you had a virtual assistant which could do all this manual work instead of you so you don't need to care?

With Leadza Posts Auto-boosting feature you can quickly promote the best content by applying 1-click suggestions from your virtual assistant. For specific marketing goals, you can easily set your own conditions for auto-boosting.
How Auto-boosting works

Leadza monitors all your posts in terms of organic engagement. Unlike other content promotion tools, the system automatically finds new prospecting audiences to target, sets budget & schedule and automatically runs a new Post Engagement campaign with 3-6 new ad sets (combinations of most popular posts and audiences to target). The day after your campaign is created Leadza sends you a daily optimization summary with new suggestions:

  • To add new ad sets to this campaign when the new content is published on your Page
  • To increase/decrease/allocate budgets between ad sets
  • To optimize age/gender parameters and interests of your target audience
As the result, you have a new evergreen campaign (as if you had a PPC manager who set it up for you) which is structured the right way and optimized by Leadza.

If you are still not sure which tool to choose we prepared a quick comparison:
Auto-boosting tools comparsion
Auto-boosting tools comparsion
When you swap any of these alternatives for Leadza you:

  • Can run your first Post Engagement campaign without any knowledge of Facebook ads using 1-click implementation
  • Can rely on Leadza prospect audience suggestions if you are not sure whom to target
  • Continue to get suggestions on how to optimize and grow this campaign as if you had a PPC manager

How to set up Auto-boosting for your Business Page

After you log in to Leadza, connect the virtual assistant in your Facebook Messenger and get your first suggestions. You will get a list of tips for your Facebook/Instagram Pages. The only thing you need is to choose a Page you want to promote, then to see suggestion details and finally click on "Implement" button. Bingo! Your campaign is published! The day after your campaign is created Leadza will automatically analyze new content published on your Page and suggest to promote more posts as well as give you new optimization tips to increase the campaign performance.

If you need more advanced options you can customize the feature by creating a New custom optimization in your Leadza account:
How to set up Auto-boosting for your Business Page
How to set up Auto-boosting for your Business Page
  • Set a name to easily navigate between optimizations
  • Choose Auto-boost your best Page Content as optimization type
  • Specify Ad account and Page you want to promote
Set your own conditions for auto-boosting to adjust it for your specific marketing goals:
Set conditions for auto-boosting
Set conditions for auto-boosting
  • Adjust the period for which Leadza takes posts to analyze if you are aware of the relevance of your content
  • Decide how many posts you want to promote at once
  • Add new audiences to target except those already suggested by Leadza (Page fans and their friends, Interest-based audiences)
  • Choose your target country
  • Assign budget and promotion period for auto-boosted post

Start getting 30% to 70% better overall results with your content by automatically promoting most popular posts with Leadza.