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Leadza Post Auto-boosting feature
We are happy to announce a new killer-feature for small and medium advertisers who care about maximizing reach of Page content and do not have enough time/knowledge to create campaigns manually using Ad Manager.

Leadza Post Auto-boosting feature is a great way to build on your organic reach and get 30% to 70% better overall results with your content by promoting most popular posts and targeting them on new prospecting audiences.

Leadza automatically runs for you a new Post Engagement campaign with most popular content from your Page by suggesting you:

  • Top-3 most popular posts to promote for the last month
  • New prospecting audiences to target
  • Effective budget & schedule
All you need is to choose a Page you want to promote and apply Leadza's suggestion. As the result the system automatically creates a new Post Engagement campaign with 3–6 new ad sets (combinations of most popular posts and audiences to target).

The day after your campaign is created Leadza will send you daily optimization summary with new suggestions:

  • To add new ad sets to this campaign when the new content is published on your Page
  • To increase/decrease/allocate budgets between ad sets
  • To optimize age/gender parameters and interests of your target audience
And more.

Check it out on this short video:
You can easily track performance of your best Page Content and get more Followers/Conversions by reasonable price without going to Ad Manager or doing any manual optimizations.

If you are an existing user with 1 Ad Account, check the message from Leadza in your Facebook Messenger and Activate Post Auto-boosting feature.

If you have multiple accounts connected to Leadza, wait for the next optimizations summary. You will receive a new Carousel with Page suggestions.

If you are a new user, login on our website and subscribe for FREE.