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image Automated Bidtesting
Feel the potential of your ad campaigns and ready to boost the performance of your top performing ad sets? Tired to adjust your manual bids? What if you have a virtual assistant which can automatically grade all of your ad sets and find manual bids to achieve better campaign performance?

We are happy to announce a new killer-feature for small and medium advertisers — with Leadza Automated Bidtesting you can easily drive more performance out of your top performing campaigns by applying 1-click suggestions from your virtual assistant.

How Automated Bidtesting works
Leadza automatically grades all of your ad sets and identifies statistically significant performance for each knowing which ad sets have enough statistics to be tested.
Ad sets marked with the highest grades are copied to 10–14 new ad sets with different manual bid levels which are going to be tested during the next 3–7 days. Using data science allows to quickly find max bids that cut your cost per action and boost ROAS.
All ad sets inside bid tests are competing with each other. During the test Leadza shuts off the losers and scales the winners. The system finally finds a winning bid and allows you to drive more performance out of your top performing ad sets.
Unlike other bidtesting tools you do not need to mark ad sets manually in your Ad Manager or deal with complicated dashboards. All you need is to open your Facebook Messenger and apply 1-click bidtesting suggestion from Leadza.

Check it out on this short video:
After you log in to Leadza, connect a virtual assistant in your Facebook Messenger, get a list of suggestions for your ad accounts connected to the system. Leadza will automatically analyze your ad campaigns and suggest you run Automated Bidtesting for those ad sets which have statistically significant performance. All you need is to click on "Tip Details" so you will see:

  • Which ad set is going to be tested
  • How many new ad sets will be created
  • Your daily starting budget to run a test
Apply your 1-click suggestion so your Bid Test will be automatically created in your Ad Manager. When your Bid Test is live the system will automatically decide how to allocate budgets between ad sets when to finish a test and provide you with the next suggestion. As the result, your campaign performance will continue to stick.

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