Leadza Monthly — November 2017

Feature releases, product improvements and bug fixes
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Leadza Monthly — November 2017
November has been a milestone month for us. We crossed 1000 active users after launching our first beta in August this year. And we became the winner of the Russian Startups Go Global 2017 Pitch session this month.

To know more about our latest features you may have a look at our video change logs (August, September, October) that we published on our Facebook page. Or watch a quick video tour. And here are some of our own triumphs from this month!
Lookalike audience builder
Leadza will suggest how to scale campaigns by creating new ad sets with lookalike targeting.

Dreaming about scaling with no effort? Leadza will notice weak campaign performance and suggest you scaling tips. For example, you have several active ad sets with different targeting parameters. Leadza will notice audience fatigue, analyze your custom audiences and audiences based on engagement , then suggest you to create new ad sets with 1% lookalike targeting to scale the campaign. You don't need to care about looking for new targeting options.
Lookalike audience builder

Automated implementation

Forget about manual optimization. Leadza will make all changes to improve your campaign performance.
Yes, that's true, you don't need to go to Ad Manager and make changes manually. All tips could be implemented automatically. All you need is to click on "Implement" button and confirm the action. After your confirmation it will take a couple of minutes before you can see the changes in your Ad Manager.

Turn on ad sets recommendations

Leadza will analyze your turned off ad sets and tell if they are better to turn on back comparing with average campaign performance.
ad sets recommendations
This feature is useful when using 7–28 days attributions windows. Because some conversions may happen after you turned off ad set so finally the cost per action may become lower than campaign average and ad set is better to turn on back. You don't need to worry to check it manually, Leadza will do this work for you.

Under the Hood

  • "Automated implementation" is now available not only for "Pro" account members. Each new user has 3 credits to try it absolutely for free.
  • Leadza failed implementing changes for those ad sets missed Audience Network. Not anymore!
  • Sometimes Leadza failed when sending daily tips to subscribed users. We fixed it so every user get daily tips at the right time.
  • Couple of times Leadza told to our "Pro" account members to pay for the service when they already paid. That was our biggest mistake, sorry, we fixed it really quick.

Still optimize campaigns manually? Try Leadza now!

We're really excited about all the new features we're adding to Leadza. Feel free to let us know what you think in the comments below and stay tuned for the firecracker we're hoping December will be!