Leadza Monthly — August 2018

Use Ads Keyword & Interest Suggestions. Auto-boost your best Page content. Connect unlimited campaigns through the Web Platform 1.0.
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image Leadza Monthly — August 2018
Ads Keyword & Interest Suggestions

Now you can automatically narrow down your Facebook target audience to include fewer keywords which get more conversions on average by applying daily tips sent by your virtual assistant. Yep, no more manual interest search or any keyword routine.

To start getting keyword suggestions your ads should have at least 7 days of statistics and use interest-based targeting.

  1. The system checks which interest within your ad set gets more conversions on average than other keywords .
  2. Then gives a suggestion to duplicate the most performing ad set according to the campaign average cost per action.
  3. In a newly created ad set you will be testing narrowed down interests to get more actions within your marketing budget.
Our customers are already happy to test narrowed down interests and get more actions within their marketing budgets:
Review of Leadza from customers
Auto-boost your best Page content

Now you can automatically run a new Post Engagement campaign with the most popular content from your Page. For your first Post Engagement campaign Leadza will suggest:

  • Top-3 most popular posts to promote for the last month
  • New prospecting audiences to target
  • Effective budget & schedule
All you need is to choose a Page you want to promote and apply Leadza's suggestion. Bingo!
The day after your campaign is created Leadza will send you daily optimization summary with new suggestions:

  • To add new ad sets to this campaign when the new content is published on your Page
  • To increase/decrease/allocate budgets between ad sets
  • To optimize age/gender parameters and interests of your target audience
  • And more.
So you can easily track the performance of your best Page Content and get more Followers/Conversions by reasonable price without going to Ad Manager or doing any manual optimizations.

Connect unlimited campaigns through the Web Platform 1.0

We are happy to announce the launch of Leadza Web Platform 1.0 where you can easily:

  • Connect your Facebook Ad accounts and campaigns
  • Choose a pricing plan that fits your marketing budgets
Check your settings:

You can easily upgrade/downgrade your plan depending on you monthly ad spend:

  • $59 per month for up to $5K monthly ad spend
  • $179 per month for up to $25K monthly ad spend
  • $379 per month for up to $100K monthly ad spend
  • $979 per month for unlimited ad spend
The system takes into account only optimized ad spend so you can connect any number of campaigns/accounts to start getting daily optimization suggestions.