Leadza Monthly — November 2018 - New platform for hiring AI virtual assistants

The new web-platform provides advertisers with customizable optimizations and hires a best virtual assistant to manage and optimize Facebook&Instagram campaigns
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Leadza Monthly — November 2018 (platform update)
We have been looking for a solution to address the challenges and finally created a platform that can be customized for any marketing goal. Now we have even more resources and flexibility to better serve the needs of small and medium advertisers and are happy to share this good news with you.

The new platform is a response to market trends and the needs of advertisers who manage campaigns by themselves and want to learn advertising techniques while saving time on routine operations. It enables to delegate tasks of creating and optimization ad campaigns to a well trained virtual assistant without any loss of quality.

Depending on the advertising budget, industry and tasks, the system selects the suitable virtual assistant that'll optimize and automate your marketing by providing daily advice and suggestions.

What you can do with the platform

After you log in to Leadza, you can connect your ad accounts and campaigns to the system:
Leadza Dashboard
Leadza Dashboard
You can start your free trial with 1 ad campaign and ask a virtual assistant to send you the default suggestions. While analyzing your ad campaign Leadza will suggest how to improve its performance. You can implement any of the suggested changes by clicking on the "Implement" button right in your Facebook Messenger.

The platform supports several optimizations which you can customize according to your marketing goals. Let's have a quick look at each of them.

Auto-boost your best Page content

Are you looking for your best posts to promote as a marketer or a business owner from your Facebook/Instagram Page? Tired to make it manually? Not sure about the results and the quality of the audience you target? Sure, if you have enough knowledge of Facebook ads you can promote each Post choosing the targeting options, budgets and running it through your Business Page. But what if you had a virtual assistant which could do all this manual work instead of you so you don't need to care?

With Leadza Posts Auto-boosting feature you can quickly promote the best content by applying 1-click suggestions from your virtual assistant. For specific marketing goals, you can easily set your own conditions for auto-boosting.
Read how to set up Posts Auto-boosting
Ads Keyword & Interest suggestions

We all know that finding the best interests to target is crucial for a successful campaign… and that finding those interests is a major time suck. And then once we've got a campaign running, it's really hard to find out exactly which interests are worth targeting!

With Leadza Ads Keyword & Interest suggestions feature you can get more actions within your marketing budget by testing interests that convert and not wasting your marketing budget on Split Tests.
Predictive budget allocation

Are you frustrated manually re-allocating and distributing ad spend budget over and over? Not getting enough performance with other budget allocation tools? Struggling to forecast future campaign performance?

With Leadza Predictive Budget Allocation feature you can start getting more conversions with decreased cost per conversion and at the same time scale your campaigns by steadily growing your budgets on best performing ad sets.
Read how to set up Predictive Budget Allocation
Automated Bidtesting

Feel the potential of your ad campaigns and ready to boost the performance of your top performing ad sets? Tired to adjust your manual bids? What if you had a virtual assistant which could automatically grade all of your ad sets and find manual bids to achieve better campaign performance?

With Leadza Automated Bidtesting feature which smartly optimizes your bidding you can easily drive more performance out of your top performing campaigns.
Read how to set up Automated Bidtesting
Scaling campaigns with lookalike audiences

Want to grow your campaigns and do not how? Tried lookalike campaigns and they didn't produce the results you wanted? Just because you can create new targeting with the click of a button, doesn't mean they're going to perform well. In fact, there are many unstructured and messy lookalike campaigns which perform terribly when they had the potential to be the best performing campaigns in the account. If you've tried lookalike campaigns and they didn't produce the results you wanted, don't give up just yet…

With Leadza Lookalike Scaling feature you can easily prioritize which lookalikes are worth putting money into first and run automated audience Tests by applying 1-click suggestions from your virtual assistant. So you can scale campaigns without any manual work.
Read how to set up Scaling with LAL audiences
Age/gender optimization suggestions

Let's say you target 18+ females and males and you are not sure about which demographic parameters will convert better. Your goal is to identify them with minimum time and knowledge. Or you may try to guess which segments to choose for cold campaigns at the very beginning and split them, for example: 18-24 Males, 25-34 Males, 18-24 Females, 25-34 Females - but it's not gonna work this way.

With Leadza Age/gender optimization suggestions you can narrow down your broad Facebook target audience to include those demographic parameters that give your more conversions on average without guessing.
Read how to set up Age/Gender Optimization
Platform/Device/Position Optimization suggestions

With Leadza Platform/Device/Position suggestions you can narrow down automatic placements to include only those that give your more conversions on average so you can decrease your campaign average cost per action by applying daily tips sent by your virtual assistant.
All optimizations on 1 screen

Now with this November update, you have a Dashboard with the full list of optimizations according to your marketing goals on 1 screen:
Dashboard with the full list of optimizations
Dashboard with the full list of optimizations
You can easily hire the best virtual assistant depending on your monthly ad spend:

  • Try an Intern for a week to try FREE optimizations for 1 ad campaign
  • Choose a Junior Plan for $179 per month with up to $25K monthly ad spend
  • Choose an Expert Plan for $379 per month with up to $100K monthly ad spend
  • Choose a Master Plan for $979 per month with unlimited monthly ad spend

The system takes into account only optimized ad spend so you can connect any number of campaigns/accounts to start getting daily optimization suggestions.
Connect to start getting daily optimization suggestions
Connect to start getting daily optimization suggestions

Still optimize campaigns manually? Try Leadza now!