Leadza Monthly — December (2017 results)

Results for the whole 2017 year + more amazing features that we have released in December.
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image Leadza Monthly — December (2017 results)
With lots of feedback, thoughts, ideas and support from you, today, we are happy to share our results for the whole 2017 year, which was actually started in August for Leadza.ai virtual assistant.

Milestones in 2017

Made 100+ interviews. Launched a private beta with core optimization tips: optimization tips based on age/gender performance, optimization tips based on platform/device/position performance and predictive budget allocation.

Reached first 400 users. Added creative optimization tips and launched tips summary. Passed "310–101 Facebook Advertising Core Competencies exam" and became a Blueprint certified member.

Implemented our killer feature "Automated tips implementation". Launched our blog on Medium. Were accepted into the Bootstrap track of FbStart. Won people's choice award on Go Tech Go Global Pitch.
Leadza won people's choice award on Go Tech Go Global Pitch
Reached 1000 users. Released Lookalike audience builder. Became a winner of the Russian Startups Go Global 2017 Pitch session.
image - Leadza became a winner of the Russian Startups Go Global 2017 Pitch session
Launched on Producthunt.com. Showed our first case study. Pitched at 13th IIDF.vc demo day.
Leadza pitched at 13th IIDF.vc demo day
Wow, that was really a nice start this year, are you agree?

And here are some more amazing features that we have released in December…

Improved predictive modeling

Leadza can now better predict key campaign metrics like the number of actions and cost per action for the next day for which we use different prediction models. We updated our ML to more powerful choose of optimizations tips. Unlike rule-based optimization approach the system can take into account different metrics simultaneously and find the optimal balance between your KPIs.

Subscription to preferred ad accounts

Now you can choose which ad accounts to optimize. Just subscribe to those which really matter for you at the moment and get ultimate tips to improve your advertising results.
Campaign level budget allocation

We have found that many users want to optimize their Post Engagement campaigns. But usually what they do is running a new campaign for each post they promote. That's why we simplified our predictive budget allocation. Now the system automatically recognizes campaigns with the same optimization goal and action type and suggests your to allocate budget on the campaign level. Enjoy!

Referral program

Tell your friends to try Leadza using the SHARE button inside the app and get 60$ "Pro" account for free for each three authorized friends.

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