Leadza Monthly — February 2018
Our biggest product update with campaign performance reports and features which allow to automatically calculate your sales funnel and choose the right optimization goal.
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This winter we came up with an ambitious plan:

  • To tell how and why your campaign performance changed after implementing optimization tips — for you to be sure that suggestions work and deliver a real value so you can control you improvements every day.
  • To identify poor performers when they actually spent very small budgets before they even could get any target actions by automatically calculating your sales funnel and knowing KPI's on each step of it.
  • To let you get first results faster by identifying a bottleneck of your sales funnel and choosing the right optimization goal.
Campaign Performance Reports

Remember your last time getting an update from your Facebook campaign. Usually you are willing to know what worked and what's not, why and how to adjust your tactics for better campaign performance next time. Yuppy! Now, after implementing Leadza suggestions you will get a report right in Facebook Messenger chat on how your campaign performance improved and why.
Leadza tells you how and why your campaign performance changed after implementing optimization tips.
In 24 hours after you have implemented tips you will get an update from Leadza for all campaign you are currently optimizing.

This is a carousel with one report per each campaign where you can see how your main marketing metrics changed.

You can can go deeper in each campaign performance report and see which specific suggestion and how has affected your overall campaign performance.

Now you can control you improvements every day and be sure that suggestions work. If you became tired of looking through the reports you can skip this step and go straight to a new portion of optimization tips.
Sales Funnel Automated Calculation

How to identify poor performers when they actually spent very small budgets before they even could get any target actions? — this is a good question for all marketers who care about their marketing budgets.

Sure, as a marketer you could calculate your sales funnel and set KPI's for each step of this funnel. Then use this information to manually adjust your Facebook campaigns. But what if you do not need to do this dirty stuff any more?
Yeah, Leadza can do this for you. The bot automatically calculates your sales funnel and knows KPI's on each step of it.
So that Leadza knows when it's better to pause the ad or reallocate the budget focusing on CPC, or even on CMP instead of CPA when needed. Saving budgets with this feature allows you to test more marketing hypothesis and not to waste your personal time on trying to do the same dirty stuff manually.

Funnel Bottlenecks detection

Imagine that you run your Facebook campaign with Conversions campaign objective. You are trying to optimize for purchases and make more online sales. But the things are not so clear and optimistic than you expected. It's hard to get first sales. Maybe that was better to optimize for Add to Cards first? Where is the real bottleneck in your sales funnel?
Leadza now can identify these bottlenecks for you and suggest to choose a right optimization goal to let you get your first important results faster.
Adjusting the suggestions to your real marketing objectives at a specific moment of time is crucial when you just started with your campaigns and trying to generate your first leads or get first sales.

This features ideally fit those marketers or business owners who run Facebook campaigns with $1K–$10K monthly ad spend.

We have two pricing plans:

  • $59 per month up to $5K monthly ad spend
  • $179 per month up to $25K monthly ad spend

All these plans include daily suggestions which allow to save up to 10 hours per weeks on manual optimization and improve campaign performance. All the suggestions Leadza implements automatically after your confirmation. You can always use a fully FREE plan if you want to optimize only one campaign (no matter what budget do you have) so you can always start using Leadza without adding any credit card and see how it works.
Still optimize campaigns manually? Try Leadza now!

We're really excited about all the new features we're adding to Leadza.