Meet Roderic Andrews: Lowering Facebook CPC by half using Leadza

While running a week promo campaign I lowered my Facebook Ad Campaign CPC from 60 to 26 cents…
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Roderic Andrews using Leadza
Digital marketer from Australia. Lives in France. Works at Growth Pigs.
As an SaaS product that was launch in public beta in August this year, we are always curious to know how our community of active users and customers are used to optimize their Facebook Campaigns.

Roderic is a digital marketer who manages Facebook campaigns for different customers. He mostly deals with Link Click and Conversion ads to drive leads to customers web sites. Customers frequently run promo campaigns which usually lasts 1–2 weeks each, so it's hard to manage them every day and monitor campaign performance. For Roderic Leadza became useful to improve promo campaign results after he launched it so he could focus on more interesting and creative tasks.

We asked him to share his short story with us…
Getting started with virtual AI assistant

I first learnt about Leadza a month ago. I was curious about the idea of a virtual AI assistant which can optimize my Facebook campaigns through Facebook Messenger. I wondered if this bot would actually work, I tried heaps that didn't before.

It was pretty simple to start. I started a conversation with a bot and just clicked on the "Login" button to connect my Ad Accounts to Leadza.
Then I decided to optimize one of my promo campaigns (we launched a giveaway week for Copenhagen coffee tables) with Leadza.

I do a lot of the creative and design work, so my strengths are in the ad copy and ad creative. I can analyse and optimise the stuffy numbers but I was happy to give Leadza a shot at doing that.

In a couple of minutes I got my first optimization tips which were pretty interesting to investigate. This campaign was running already for 2 days and we got 60 cent CPC. And I wondered if it's possible to decrease CPC using Leadza's suggestions.

Implementing optimization tips suggested by Leadza

I had 4 active ad sets and first got a suggestion to reallocate my budget between them. I implemented this tip. It works pretty well in messenger — after confirming implementation it takes a couple of minutes before you can see the changes in Power Editor.

The next day I got more suggestions. Leadza analyzed my adset's age/gender and platform/device/position performance and showed that I can get better results by duplicating some ad sets and narrowing targeting in newly created ad sets.
I tested these recommendations so the next day I was running 7 ad sets. Each tip allowed me to decrease CPC for 3–5 cents the next day. The system set a minimum budget for new ad sets so I tested these recommendations with minimum risk for me. If the new ad set performs well the next day the system suggests to reallocate more budget to that ad set finally decreasing my CPC much more.

Lowering my Facebook CPC from 60 to 26 cents

I was not looking at campaign results every day. Actually that's one thing I didn't get with Leadza — it doesn't tell you how your campaign improved after implementing the tips. Obviously for me to know the implementations actually worked, we would have to dig into the numbers anyway. I don't have that time so I asked Victoria (the founder) to help me. She analyzed my campaign and shared the improvements. It was good to know the CPC lowered after the tips implementation. There were 2 days before campaign should be finished.

I came back to her with good news the last day of campaign. Our CPC lowered from 60 to 26 cents!

My goal now is to to continue using the tool with bigger campaigns. Leadza has helped me decrease CPC for my 1-week promo campaign and saved my time on manual optimization that frustrates me a lot. Combined with other tools and techniques, it allows me to get better campaign performance with no effort and focus on creative stuff that I really like.

Simply put, it works, and it will continue to be an app in my arsenal.