Platform/Device/Position Optimization Suggestions

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Leadza Platform Device Position Optimization suggestions
Let's say you use automatic placements and you are not sure about which will convert better. Your goal is to identify it with minimum time and knowledge. Or you may try to guess which placement to choose for cold campaigns at the very beginning and run a split test - but it's not gonna work this way.

What if you have a virtual assistant which can automatically check which segment within your ad set gets more conversions on average than others?

With LeadzaPlatform/Device/Position optimization suggestions you can narrow down automatic placements to include only those that give your more conversions on average without guessing or any manual analysis.
How Platform/Device/Position suggestions work

Leadza analyzes your ads and identifies which platform/device/position segments convert better and give you more actions within your marketing budget. The system grades all the segments inside your campaign, chooses the "winners" and suggests you to test them by automatically creating new ad sets with narrowed down parameters.

After you log in to Leadza, connect a virtual assistant in your Facebook Messenger and get a list of suggestions for your ad accounts connected to the system. While analyzing your ad campaigns Leadza will suggest how you can narrow down automatic placements to include only those that give your more conversions on average. So you can easily create a new ad set with narrowed down parameters by applying 1-click suggestion.

How to set up Platform/Device/Position suggestions

If you need more advanced options you can customize the feature by creating a New custom optimization in your Leadza account:
How to set up Platform/Device/Position suggestions
How to set up Platform/Device/Position suggestions
  • Set a name to easily navigate between optimizations
  • Choose Age/gender optimization as optimization type
  • Specify Ad account
  • Define the list of your ad campaigns for which this setting will apply
Set your own conditions for Platform/Device/Position optimization to adjust it for your specific marketing goals:
Platform Device Position optimization
Platform Device Position optimization
    You can change your Optimization goal from Conversions (for example) to any other event (even ROAS) depending on your final marketing goal. Changing the optimization goal means the system will look for a top-performer to duplicate based on this goal. Or if you have some outdated ad sets in your campaigns simply ask the system to analyze only those which are active.

    You may also choose whether you want to turn off the parent ad set or do nothing so the system may compare the results and finally identify which of them perform better.

    Stop wasting your budget on placements that do not convert.