Predictive Budget Allocation

No more guesswork with budgets - boost your performance with automated budget recommendations by Leadza.
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Predictive budget allocation
Are you frustrated manually re-allocating and distributing ad spend budget over and over? Not getting enough performance with other budget allocation tools? Struggling to forecast future campaign performance?

With Leadza Predictive Budget Allocation feature you can start getting more conversions with decreased cost per conversion and at the same time scale your campaigns by steadily growing your budgets on best performing ad sets.
How Predictive Budget Allocation works

Leadza predicts to what level you can increase your budget to maintain good performance of a particular ad set and for which ad sets the budget should be decreased due to low performance. In case you budget is not allocated optimally Leadza suggests new proportions. If all ad sets have enough conversions, most of the budget will be allocated to the ad set having the lowest cost per action. If some ad sets have only few conversions and impressions, the system cannot yet be confident about their true conversion rates (CVR). In this case, those ad sets can get more budget even though their cost per action is higher. As a result, the expected number of future actions is maximized and the cost per action is minimized.

Unlike other budget allocation tools, Leadza gives you the opportunity to optimize budgets not only on campaign but ad account level as well. Moreover, Leadza allows to automatically scale your campaigns by steadily growing your marketing budget.

If you are still not sure which tool to choose we prepared a quick comparison:
budget allocation tools comparsion
budget allocation tools comparsion
When you swap an alternative for Leadza you:

  • Save time on using complicated dashboards or allocating budgets manually by applying 1-click implementable suggestions
  • Can allocate your budgets on Ad account level between different campaigns
  • Can grow your return on ad spend by automatically supporting top-performing ad sets with additional spend
  • Save your budget on buying more expensive solution

Our mission is to make professional optimization software usable by small and medium advertisers on Facebook and provide a wide range of easy to use optimization techniques.

How to set up Predictive Budget Allocation

After you log in to Leadza, connect the virtual assistant in your Facebook Messenger and get a list of suggestions for your ad accounts connected to the system. The only thing you need is to click on budget allocation "Tip Details" and see:

  • New budget proportions for your ad sets
  • Recommended budget increase
  • The prediction of how this action will affect your campaign performance
Apply your 1-click suggestion so your budget will be allocated by the system.

If you need more advanced options you can customize the feature by creating a New custom optimization in your Leadza account:
How to set up Predictive Budget Allocation
How to set up Predictive Budget Allocation
  • Set a name to easily navigate between optimizations
  • Choose Predictive Budget Allocation as optimization type
  • Specify Ad account
  • Define the list of your ad campaigns for which this setting will apply
Set your own conditions for budget allocation to adjust it for your specific marketing goals:
budget allocation
budget allocation
    First, decide on which level you want to allocate your marketing budget. Choosing "Campaign" means that the system works with ad sets in each campaign separately and do not allocate budgets between campaigns. Please note that if you set a Campaign budget in your Ads Manager the system cannot optimize it. Account level optimization means that all ad sets will be grouped together and your budget between campaign may vary.

    You can change your Optimization goal from Conversions (for example) to any other event (even ROAS) depending on your final marketing goal.

    If you have some outdated ad sets in your campaigns simply ask the system to analyze only those which are active.

    By adjusting the percent range for which Leadza can increase your daily budget you can control how fast you are going to scale. 20% is max allowed by the system to be sure you continue to get positive results and will not be scaling too fast.

    If you have specific spend targets for each ad set and don't want any flexibility between them simply choose "No" for allocating setting so you will only allow the system to increase budgets on good performing ad sets while the other ad sets budget remain the same.

    Grow your return on ad spend, avoid manually re-allocating and distributing budgets and save your time with automated budget recommendations by Leadza.